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Hello fellow Androidians,

My first reviewed Android game will be the simple, yet addicting & very fun Early Bird. Tweet about it! (pun intended) .

We’ll break it down into three parts :

1) Gameplay and story.

2) How much does it cost?

3) Conclusion?

Part 1  : Gameplay and story?

As for the story, there really isn’t much to tell. You play the Early Bird, who has to capture the worm at the end of the level. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm! A game with a morale and a life lesson, you gotta love it!

Gameplay itself is quite easy. Those of you familiar with Angry Birds on Android (all 500 million downloaded versions so far! Amazing!!) will have an easy time getting on with the game. But there are some twists involved.

You have to get from the start to the end of the level using swipes (periods of flying). Because you are a little bird, you can’t fly very far on your own strength. There are several ways to help you increase the length of the flight, e.g. flowers who give you a jumping boost, flowers who send upward spirals of air to push you higher & further, etc.

The point is, get to the worm in as few swipes as possible. Per swipe you didn’t use to complete the level, you’ll get 10.000 points bonus (Angry Birds much?). The more points you earn, the more stars you receive to unlock new worlds. As of this writing, there are 4 available worlds, each carrying 24 levels, totalling 96 levels so far.

There is also a slight bonus in this Android game. Every time you start the game, and you’re on an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) , it will ask you to run the Feint service in the background. This service allows you to collect trophies in the game for reaching certain levels, and it also saves your progress. It’s a neat little addition in my opinion.

To illustrate, view the screenshots below :

Part 2 : What does it cost?

This is not a free Android game. At least in the regular way of free download that is. There are some pirated sites out there offering this as a free download. I myself have sinned, and downloaded it there. However, that was only for my smartphone. For my tablet, I did actually purchase it from the Android Market.

This lovely Android game is priced at 0.99 USD. Yes, that’s right, not even a dollar! If you break it down, it’s just over 1 cent per available level at this time, but more will be added!

Early Bird can be purchased here : Download from the Android Market

Part 3 : Conclusion ?

Is it fun to play and even replay the levels?

Absolutely. I find myself nearly very day playing this for a brief period of time to take my mind off of things

Do you recommend purchasing it? 

For everyone who wants a break from every day life & lose themselves in a fun, addicting Android game, definitely recommended!

Personal rating : 9.5/10



  1. Let me start by saying nice post. Im not sure if it has been talked about, but when using Chrome I can never get the whole site to load with out refreshing many times. Might just be my computer. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂

      I’ll have it tested in Chrome to see if we can fix the issue. Feedback is always welcome 🙂

  2. I own this game after seeing it on, I love it but it crashes after 20min or so.
    @JP keep up the good work. I love the structure of your reviews!

  3. Nice article. Keep it up.

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