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Hello fellow Androidians,

Podcasts. Everybody loves podcasts. If you don’t , then you’re not from this world. But you need a way to organize, download or stream your podcasts every day on my Android tablet. I found a great tool to do it. It’s called Doggcatcher. .

We’ll break it down into three parts :

1) What does it do?

2) How much does it cost?

3) Conclusion?

Part 1 : What does it do?

As I said before, it organises podcasts. You can select to import them from various sources of the web, such as Google Reader, select the top downloaded podcasts from directly, etc. It has a very slick design, it’s very easy to use and it just does what I want it to : download & play podcasts!

The easiest way for me to keep a copy of the list of podcasts i listen to (direct video subscription feeds in my case) , is by using Google Reader. Now, Google Reader points you to the download or streaming link, but I’m not a big fan of that. I needed an app that would load these feeds, update them daily, do the downloading in the background, all that stuff.

So i downloaded the Doggcatcher Podcast trial, and it does wonders for me. I imported my Google Reader Feeds, it synced up immediately, it’s a one-click-download (running in the background) … It’s amazing! Previously, I tried Podkicker for Android, but it wasn’t really what I wanted. And it couldn’t handle all media files properly.

Doggcatcher Podcast Trial does this without any issues. Even the HD MP4 files from e.g. Tekzilla or Hak5 all play smoothly (depending on your hardware of course, it’s not a miracle worker converted into an Android app!).

As stated, I’m still using the Trial version. But I’m definitely going to upgrade to the full version in a few days. I love this Android podcast manager, and I can’t live without it.

To illustrate, view the screenshots below :

Part 2 : What does it cost?

There are 2 versions of this Android app : the free trial version, and the paid version.

The trial version lasts for 7 days, and afterwards it will give you the option to purchase. Currently the paid version costs 5 USD. That really is a bargain for something you will use every day, sometimes even multiple times a day!

Give it a try and see if it works for you. If it does, great! If it doesn’t, you only used the trial version and paid nothing so far.

Doggcatcher Podcast Trial can be found here : Download from the Android Market

Doggcatcher Podcast Play (Paid Version) can be purchased here : Download from the Android Market

Part 3 : Conclusion ?

Is it REQUIRED to use this?

For me personally, it is mandatory. If you are into podcasts on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll get much love from this great app.

Will you benefit from it? 

It’s like having your personal assistant in regards to podcasts. It updates, it downloads, it plays. What more do you want?

Personal rating : 9;5/10


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  1. I use podkicker but it’s only good for audio, I will keep this in mind if I ever need a good video podcast manager.

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