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Hello fellow Androidians,

A while ago i did a review of the addictive game called Early Bird. Apparently, the developers of this game turned their back on everyone who purchased the game (it was ad-free), but the latest update ensured that it comes loaded with advertisements every 1-3 levels.

I purchased this 0.99 USD game a few weeks ago for my tablet, because i enjoyed it so much on my smartphone. Everything was fine in Early Bird-land , because the game was completely ad-free, which is what i would expect from a game i actually paid for.

Yesterday, my Android Market said there was an Early Bird update available and it downloaded it automatically (because i have it set up that way, as some of us do). I was expecting some new levels, because the holidays are nearing. To my surprise, the update contained something entirely different….

Every few levels, you’ll get a big advertisement in the game. Wait, advertisements? I paid for this game, why should there be any advertisements? So I went to the Early Bird Android Market page, and looked at the update notes. Apparently the game has become free of charge now (that’s good I suppose) , but now is filled with advertisements.

They do, however, state that, if you are a paid user and don’t want to be annoyed by advertisements in-game, you are better off not downloading the newer version of the game. That will be a bit hard if it’s set to automatically update to a newer version because more levels were promised, and we never expected to get advertisements in the first place.

It wouldn’t annoy me as such if it was just a small text ad on the bottom of the screen, like you see in Angry Birds and other games. However, the advertisements you et in Early Bird are full screen, with a close button in the top left corner. I’ve included some screenshots below to let you check for yourself how it looks.

As you may be able to tell, I’m not a big fan of this decision, but at least i can roll back to an earlier version through my Titanium Backup files. However, I assume that the paid users won’t get any more ad-free content, because the game has turned to a free game now. Some weird decision-making going on here folks…..

As stated, here are some screenshots of the “new” Early Bird….

If you have any thoughts on this, any comments at all, even if its positive criticism, please post it in the comment section below!


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