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Hello fellow Androidians,

We have some major news to report today. Popular broadcasting service Netflix is available in Europe without using a VPN.

I have tested this myself personally, as i live in Belgium, and i can connect to Netfix on my pc and on my tablet, both the website and the application for Android.

Streaming works fine aswell, having tried it with tv shows such as Heroes and Law and Order, aswell as movies and a documentary.

This means people from Europe only need a subscription to access Netflix at this moment. No more VPN services required, woohoo!

No word about this on the official Netflix blog so far, so either its a bug or they just didnt announce it yet….

Place your comments below people and spread the word!



  1. It does not work anymore apparently… too bad. Let’s hope they will be available worldwide soon.

  2. just tested it here and still works without vpn….

  3. I can’t sign in, it gives me the following message “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country… yet”
    So I assmume if you already have an account, you can sign in and use it without a vpn, but you still need a vpn to sign up (the first time).

    Thanx for the response JP šŸ™‚

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