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Good morning loyal readers,

let me first start off by saying i’m not feeling well at all, so site updates might be very scarce the coming days…but since i have a clear moment as of this point, i’ld like to share some thoughts with you concerning Getjar.

If you haven’t heard already, GetJar is a site which offers premium (read : paid) apps and games for free. It kind of works like Amazon’s Appstore, but there are some major differences between the two services.

For one, Amazon’s Appstore is only available in very select countries, compared to GetJar, who are available worldwide to anyone downloading the application from their website . (NOTE : you can NOT download the GetJar application through the Android Market, you have to visit in the browser window on your mobile device!)

On the other hand, Getjar offers far less paid games and apps compared to Amazon’s Appstore. This is also quite normal, because Amazon is a much bigger company and they can simply make more deals with developers. However, their freebies are only available for one day, whereas the freebies on Getjar remain available for quite some time (not sure if there is an end date for their featured software)

All in all, it’s very likely that you’ll find an Android app or Android game which is on GetJar, but not on Amazon Appstore, or vice versa. It’s always a bonus to have an alternative ready, and because it’s completely free of charge, you aren’t losing anything by just checking them out!

So all of you, visit, either on PC or your mobile device, and start exploring and downloading some of their goodies. Their team works hard to keep the content fresh and they are providing some quality downloads each and every week.


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  1. yep, Getjar is awesome! Let’s hope the site will be around for a long long time.

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