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Could the diversity of Android manufacturers lead to modified Ice Cream Sandwich releases?

Android is a great operating system, and a lot of companies have jumped on board to produce Android devices. This all adds up to the diversity of Android devices, however it also brings some issues to the table. Not all devices have the hardware under the hood to be ready for future updates. Or do they?

After a few manufacturers already released a list of which devices will get the ICS update, and which will most likely not, this has led to some controversy among the Android community. As you all well know, Ice Cream Sandwich will require a certain hardware setup to run smoothly like it’s designed to do.

Not all our devices meet this minimum requirement, therefore certain models will not get an ICS update (or not officially at least). Take a look at the Nexus One for example. It’s a device made by Google itself, yet it will get no love from its maker in regards to Ice Cream Sandwich. (as of this writing, this might change as we get closer to the actual release date)

No big deal at first sight, right? However, there could be a solution to this.
It was first brought up in a Twit podcast, to allow all devices who sort of meet the minimum hardware requirement, get a modified Ice Cream Sandwich update.

What this means is, not all functions would be available, in this case the more hardware stressing ones. On the other hand, all users could get a glimpse of how Ice Cream Sandwich would feel, so they can choose whether if it’s worth to upgrade to a newer device, or stay with their current device, running Gingerbread.

Given the current diversity of manufacturers and hardware specs, this might be put a bit simplistic to accomplish. However, i think it’s something Google really needs to consider for the future, if they are serious about competing with Apple’s iOS.

I am well aware Ice Cream Sandwich hasn’t rolled out yet, nor have all phones that will get the update sooner or later been confirmed at this point. It’s just food for thought and i would love to hear your opinion about it in the comment section below


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