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Hello fellow Androidians,

My apologies for the lack of updates the past 2 days, I’m looking into moving the site to a different host , so I’ve been busy sorting out the design and such. But I haven’t forgotten about you all!

Today, I’d like to discuss this neat braincracking Android game : Move The Box.

We’ll break it down into three parts :

1) Gameplay and story.

2) How much does it cost?

3) Conclusion?

Part 1 : Gameplay and story?

When i stated braincracking, I wasn’t exactly exaggerating. The game itself is pretty straight forward. You get a selection of boxes from various colors and types, and try to match them to eachother in as few moves as possible. Sounds fun, right?

It is fun, challenging, yet somehow a bit complex aswell. You have a certain amount of moves you have to beat, e.g. finish the level in 1 or 2 moves. However, you get one additional move to clear the level. If you can’t clear the level in n+1 moves, you’re out of luck and have to rethink your strategy.

Some of the levels do seem easy at first glance, yet prove to keep you busy for 5-20 minutes figuring it out. It also plays into the human consciousness. Humans are of a competitive nature. If you have to use that EXTRA move to clear the level, instead of the projected amount of moves, you’ll want to try again to make sure you clear the level properly.

This all adds up to the infinite replayability of the levels. You’ll also be clearing boxes in different regions of the world, e.g. Boston, Osaka, etc Keep in mind that it’s just the background which changes, besides that, there aren’t any real notable differences except you might see a new type of box.

It’s a fun game and strangely addictive, so be warned. As of this moment, there are 72 levels in total which you’ll need to clear, though more levels are added now & then.

To illustrate, view the screenshots below :

Part 2 : What does it cost?

This game is absolutely free of charge and can be downloaded from Android Market

Part 3 : Conclusion ?

Is it fun to play and even replay the levels?

Yes it is. Given my own natural competitive nature, I want to clear all levels in as few moves as possible. I’ve already redone several of the levels without getting fed up of it. It’s a challenge.

Personal rating : 9/10


One Comment

  1. Nice game, tested it this afternoon… not as great as cut the rope, but still enjoyable

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